Saturday 28 June 2014


OK, I know I previously said the weather changes every few minutes but today that was not true, I managed to get the tent packed about 1minute before it started raining and it didn't stop the whole day, and in fact it has rained the whole evening as well. Hopefully there won't be any left for tomorrow.  Days like this I really have to create mini goals to keep going. I like to get the first third of the journey done and then 10 km chunks as they pass quite quickly. Stopping is problematic as once wet you just get cold if you stop.
Got another cabin today as all very well being stoical while cycling but hard to maintain that when lying in tent surrounded by damp clothes that stay damp all night.

Hurrah, went over the 1000km mark today by about 50 kms which means tomorrow should be over a third of the way.

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