Friday 20 June 2014

It will stop raining in a minute

Reluctantly left the Friendship Inn and new friends with promises to return and definitely have that sauna next time. Thank you all for your warmth and welcome -missing you all already!  Have a great midsummer weekend.
75km ride to Turku today went really quickly.  In my brief experience of the weather here today was very typical. If you think you should stop to take a layer on or off don't bother because the weather will change again while you are doing it. Strong wind, hot sun and biting rain all in a 10 minute period! The rain was particularly exciting as it occurred on a hilly section and going downhill at 50km an hour in driving rain is pretty exciting and a bit scary. The thing to remember is when you are getting really cold and wet is that shortly the rain will stop and the sun and wind will come and dry you out.

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