Thursday 19 June 2014


The title of the post is the 'Friendship Inn'. I am staying here on recommendation of Tufaan. It literaly lives up to its' name with a whole range of people in and out, some family, some staff, some volunteers, some visitors but everyone joining in the work and the conversation. It is a really lovely atmoshere and lots of conversation.
Possibility of a Finnish sauna later. Meant to do some laundry today but much more interesting to talk to people.  Will have to be grungy for a bit longer.


  1. Can you stay in the "Friendship Inn" without suffering the cold and the bike ride? I like the sound of it:-)

    1. Yes you can stay at the friendship inn without the cold and the bike ride! I believe they will pick you up from the station/bus stop as it is a bit out of the way. I think you would love it there.

  2. OK so what have I missed...? Why out and back to Helsinki, to do the Russian border? Glad you OK, doing well but keep eating!!

  3. I went to the Russian border partly as a way of having more time in Finland but also as the edge of Europe, a sort of starting point.