Friday 27 June 2014


Once I had got the laundry done I was finally able to get into Stockholm.  It is a lovely city partly because of the rivers and sea inlets and has retained quite a few original buildings. The 'Old Town' is particularly attractive with old buildings and narrow cobbled streets.  I looked round the royal palace and the Nobel museum which was interesting.

However one day in a city is enough for me and I set off for a shortish cycling day as route finding out of cities is always time consuming. Wanting to get on I left without hreakfast hoping to find a nice bakery/cafe on the way.  And indeed I got lucky! I found a bakery that actually made proper latte, the gest so far in Scandanavia. It was actually a muffin bakery where they did all the baking for their other outlets in Stockholm. The owner was Swedish and his wife Anna was Greek. Anna was working on her laptop at the counter and invited me to join her and we had a lovely conversation for over an hour.

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  1. My word, B, I'm so impressed with you or with Stockholm that it made you almost verbose with your description of the city. I still remember how unimpressed you were with Lublyana and your general indifference to cities.