Sunday 15 June 2014

Helsinki return

Returning to Helsinki was feeling a bit sorry for myself, the route was straight forward - down the 170 but because the cycle lane dropped below road level I missed a turn and cycled 10k in the wrong direction. Not only that it was really hilly which makes my back really painful but everything turns around and got back on route, took ibuprofen and the sun came out.

In the campsite in Helsinki I met Tufaan who is an American Sikh having converted 43 years ago. He kindly shared his food with me and some of his travellers tales. He travels with his mountain wolf/st bernard cross but sadly lost him a few days ago.


  1. Hope u having a good time b sounds like you meeting some incredible people take care vicki x

    1. Hi Vicki
      Thanks for reading the blog. Hope all is going well with the the baby.

    2. Yeah she's good I mean she's the size of a small family car but good :-) Andrew

  2. Sounds like you're meeting more people than your US trip. But how sad to lose the dog!? I need the details of this story, B. Please hang on to them and tell me when you get back :-)