Thursday 19 June 2014


I hear there is a bit of a heat wave at home but here we have had snow! OK it was only for 10 minutes but the rest of the day was freezing with strong icy winds. I was staying somewhere quite remote and there was a lot of hills on the way, shielded from the wind on the way uphill then blasted with cold air on the way down.  It was too cold to camp that night and so stayed in a chalet at a B&B. It was not  near anywhere to get food so the owner made a meal for me without charge. It took about an hour to get warm even with a heater on, so happy I wasn't camping!
Yesterday was warmer and had a lovely ride mainly off road,  disadvantage being not a single shop so only had a cube of cheese the whole 70km ride.
Really enjoyed the home cooked food on arrival.

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