Wednesday 6 August 2014


My welcome back home started at GB border control in Dunkerque where I mis-understood an instruction to go round a barrier and got a  severe telling off for what was considered a serious breach of border control. It was a startling contrast to crossing every other border in Europe without any checks.
I was the only bike on the ferry and the bike place was on the lorry deck, when it was time to get off I returned via the same doorway to be faced with a wall of lorries 3 deep, I tried weaving through them to find my bike but they were all starting their engines and it felt a bit intimidating. I retreated and on another deck found a crew member who took me by an easier crew only route. I had to wait until everything was off the ferry and find my way safely through the terminal, no easy matter. Finally emerged at the large roundabout that takes you onto the A2 or A20 neither of which seemed a good option. Eventually found my way to the town centre and a better route   to leave Dover. I really wondered what cyclists from Europe must think of their arrival here.
After staying with friends near Canterbury I went via an overnight stop to family in Dorking. The last day from Dorking to home looked like a promising weather day and I set off happily on a 70 km route. Using national cycling route 22 seemed a good plan but was pretty tough as a lot was off road on narrow steep rough paths, very overgrown with nettles and brambles. At one stage I got quite despondent when having done nearly 20 miles I saw a road sign that said Dorking 11 miles!  There was nothing to do but get on with it and I finally arrived home with rain to keep me company for the last hour.
The whole trip had been 3272 km, which is 2033 miles.

Thank you all for reading my blog and encouraging me along the way,  join me next year for a ride across Australia.

Photo below after Dover.