Tuesday 10 June 2014


First day on the bike decided on a moderate 35 miles to ease into things and get used to the weight of the panniers again. However I forgot about the difficulties of navigating out of a large city not helped by my general numtyness at not knowing which way the map is oriented. With endless stopping and checking and retracing it took 3 hours to do about 8 miles, this was following a Google route which likes to make sure you use every cycle way between the 2 chosen points. I thought I would never make it at that pace but I met Karlo who bought me coffee and took the time to cycle with me to get me on a better route. He also taught me my first very useful Finnish phrase:
"Suomen kesa on lyhyt mutta vahal uminen" which roughly translated means - "The Finnish summer is short but at least there is only a little snow"!
So far no snow but 2 days of hot sun and one day of rain.
More Finnish folk tomorrow.

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