Friday 13 June 2014


On my way into Lovisa I stopped at Lidl and while waiting for the rain to stop met 2 women who were sisters riding their bikes having just got them serviced. We had a lovely long talk and were happy to offer me a bed for the night but were sadly in the wrong direction.  One of them taught maths at the university in Finnish, Swedish and English! I was very impressed.

The campsites here have kitchens and it is a good way to meet people. At the campsite at Hamina I met a chap who at first thought I was Russian and greeted  me with "Dos vo danya" (no idea if that is the right spelling). When I said I was English he was a bit flummoxed as he had no English to match my no Finnish! However with some miming I found out he was an excavator driver and we had an amicable time pretending to understand each other.

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