Friday 27 June 2014


I am trying to make my way more or less straight across Sweden to the coast just south of Norway. However there are some huge lakes in the way so it makes it somewhat longer. The terrain is marginally flatter than Finland but otherwise similar. 2 days ago I got drenched then got completely dry and ended the day drenched again. It was still raining heavily by the time I got to the campsite so I decided to treat myself to a hut so I could get everything dry. It was expensive but worth it!

Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks with no rain and it was a glorious ride close to the lake for much of the day,  with the bonus of a nice cafe at just the right time:-)

This morning I am still sat in my tent all packed up waiting for the rain to stop. Getting wet later in the day is one thing but at the beginning of the day it is a bit demoralising.

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  1. Oh B you did make me chuckle with your washing story, sounds like something off a cartoon with all the foam coming out of the machine!

    Sweden sounding brighter that Finland - cake and coffee, so not all bad even though it's wet.