Tuesday 1 July 2014


Had planned a hostel stay in Karlstad, it was about 80 km and made good progress in the morning. Stopped at a town halfway with lots of cafes but all closed as Sunday. Lost track of my original route and had problems finding the right way out of town, passed an elderly man on his way to the shops and passed him again nearly an hour later on his way back. He literally stopped and stared at me thinking what is that mad woman doing. Eventually escaped on the right road and a while later stopped at a cafe at a service station. At this point the route went on to the motorway, this is legal for bikes on some sections but not desirable. I asked one of the guys in the cafe if there was an alternative and he said, oh yes there is the cycleway,  just follow that. Great I thought, good surface at first then, gravel,then mud, then dead end in a field. Meanwhile had passed another man in his garden a little distance back who gave me my second 'where does that mad woman think she is going' look of the day. So in this field right next to motorway with 5 metre fence between.  Saw a large gate, not locked,  so open this huge gate, then have to cross motorway and need a gap from both directions,  which comes eventually not without a few more 'where does that mad woman etc' looks. Anyway after a scary but short motorway section and the rest on country toads I arrive in Karlstad. A bit more going round in circles looking for the hostel and I finally see it on a hill the other side of the motorway. Not possible to cross it and under is steps, tricky going down but impossible going up, so had to unload  and make 3 trips. Finally got to the hostel but was 10 minutes after check in closed so no bed. I could have screamed.
Ended up in an overpriced hotel but at least the breakfast was good.

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  1. Oh B what a miserable day, well done you for keeping going. Chin up!