Wednesday 9 July 2014


The reasons I love Denmark:

1) Lots of cycle paths, all in good condition
2) Good road signs and cycle path signs
3) Picnic areas with tables and bins and often toilets and signs telling you when they are coming up. Very annoying to stop and stand at the side of the road eating lunch and find a picnic area round the next bend.
4) Excellent road surfaces
5) Gentle hills!
6) Extreme courtesy shown to cyclists, though sometimes have stopped on a cycle path halfway round a roundabout and looking at the map and look up to see several cars from both directions waiting for me to cross, then feel obliged to cross even if I didn't want to go that way!
7) Much cheaper campsites £5 to £12 a night compared to £20 to £30+ elsewhere in Scandinavia.
8) The weather is brilliant but I think that is more chance as was very wet when I was here last year.
9) The people are friendly but also throughout Scandinavia.
10) Good choice of food in convenience stores.

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