Monday 7 July 2014


Having got the ferry across the Oslo fjord I set off for a 3 to 4 day ride to Kristiansand and then the ferry to Denmark. On the second day I was going through Larvik which looked like a small fishing port on the map and turned out to be a huge industrial port. I then remembered a long conversation I had with a guy in a cycle shop who said this area if coastline and the roads were very busy and be sure to wear my high vis vest as he had recently driven that way and had only missed hitting 2 cyclists because of their high vis vests. After enjoying the country lanes across Sweden I decided to cut it short and have a couple of days on a quiet part of the coast and get the ferry from Larvik. As it happened my day in Stavern coincided with a festival which included a battle reenactment,  like Sealed Knot but with ships.
So sorry Norway, I didn't really do you justice,  maybe another time.

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