Saturday 12 July 2014


My plan from getting into Denmark onwards was to roughly follow the North Sea Cycleway. Theoretically that should be easy as it is well marked. However quite big sections are on off road tracks some of which have good surfaces and some very rough which is hard work with luggage. The parts I have done have been really lovely though you can't always see the sea as the dunes are in the way. I stayed at a campsite next to the beach, though it was so huge it took me 4 minutes to cycle from where I was to the beach end, and as the evening was so hot I was even tempted into the water! It may be the first and last time as it was pretty cold.
Earlier in the day I went to look at a display of sand sculptures based on a Viking theme. They were absolutely brilliant,  my favourite was Brunhilde.

But they were all superb and stay intact right through the holiday season.

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