Monday 21 July 2014


Hopefully will cross into The Netherlands today though the weather has changed overnight from stifling hot to steady rain, reason being I bought another short sleeved t shirt. There is a clear connection developing between garment purchase and weather!
Will miss the German bakeries but not the difficulty with communication though it seems to have improved the last day or so. Trouble is using my few German words means people babble on enthusiastically and then I look blank and say I am English and they look vaguely disappointed. There is a short ferry from Bremerhaven to cross the Weser river and arrived as they put the barrier down followed by another couple on bikes. They commented in German how annoying to be 1 minute late and I repeated what they said in German and then much confusion when I couldn't take the conversation further. Luckily the ferry people took pity on us and let us on so I was able to share our mutual pleasure with the German couple regardless of language.
Now over 2,000km!


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  2. Congratulations on passing the 2000 kilometres mark - it took me a couple of years to travel that distance on my current bicycle! Keep up the good work (to avoid any confusion, I'm not talking about the cakes!).

  3. Well done! See you back home soon then :-)