Monday 7 July 2014


I left the campsite in Norway at 5.30 am having packed in the rain to get the ferry to Denmark. The weather seemed gloomy all the way but arrival in Denmark was greeted by a warm dry day. Having been here last year I was reminded of how cycling focussed they are here. Just did about 35 km as was midday when I got there and found a lovely friendly campsite.
Shortly after my arrival another cyclist turned up with the same panniers etc as me. We chatted a bit about routes and route finding and he told me that the year before on a trip from Copenhagen to southern France he had become dehydrated and passed out while cycling and broke his collarbone. I then drank lots of water!
There was a terrific thunderstorm this morning and I was very pleased to have a decent tent as the rain and thunder crashed down around me I stayed nice and dry
The other cyclist was not so lucky and I found him in the camp kitchen this morning drying out his sleeping bag etc.

Onwards through Denmark now.

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