Sunday 13 July 2014


Although I have seen lots of other touring cyclists in passing it is only in Denmark that I have met them on campsites. Previously I was often the only tent on a campsite but certainly no more than a couple of others. The Scandinavians certainly like their campervans. In fact in the Swedish campsite brochure it says only 5% of campsite visits are in a tent. There are also a huge number of static caravans with all the trimmings - awnings, gardens, huge flat screen TVs visible in the awning area etc.
Anyway have had a couple of nice evenings chatting to other cyclists.  There was Manuel and Jan, 2 German guys who had met up a few days earlier and were travelling together for a while. Manuel had a recumbent bike which looked really comfortable and wasn't as low as some I have seen. He also had a device on the bike to charge his phone which looked very useful, will look into that when I get home.

Last evening I met Janine who is the first woman I have met who like me is cycling on her own. Coincidentally she also cycled the East Coast of  America the same year as me but earlier and in the opposite direction. It was great to share experiences and agree what a safe activity it is for women to cycle on their own compared to the popular idea that women are at risk on their own.


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