Wednesday 9 November 2016

The Most Liveable Place in the World

I decided to go further west from Warrnambool to Port Fairy along a rail trail. After the first few km the gravel trail turned to deep sand, impossible to cycle through but I ploughed along pushing the bike thinking not much of the trail and came across a car stuck in the sand at a very unfortunate angle with 2 trucks trying to pull him out. I complained about the trial and they said I had missed the turning, much relieved that this wasn't the trail I went back and found the gate for the board walk over the water. The water had lots of black swans which I didn't get a picture of in Perth though it was so windy the photos were a bit blurry.

I pushed on through the wind and eventually arrived in Port Fairy that claimed to be the 'Most Liveable Place on Earth 2012' It was certainly very pleasant but got no information about how it got the title except it was through a competition.

After a pleasant couple of nights there it was time to return to Warrnambool. I did the whole rail trail this time and at the mid-point came across Koroit came across a restored station and chatted to some of the local cycling group who had done the restoration and maintained the trail. I had seen the signs for the former stations that apparently they had put them up. One of them Colin was kind enough to give me his phone number if I had any problems while I was in the area. Back to Warrnambool then staying in the backpackers hostel.

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