Friday 4 November 2016

Not the Munda Biddi Trail

I went into the local town from the kangaroo B&B to gather more information  from the tourist office,  parked the bike, locked it up with my expensive very heavy D-lock while I went to the library to find the whereabouts of the tourist office. As I returned to the bike I saw someone bent over over it, examining the lock.  I ran at him like a screaming banshee quite prepared to whack him with my rucksack but he backed of pretty quickly perhaps sensing my anger. I quite surprised myself at how angry I felt as I rarely lose my temper. I guess it was exacerbated by my bike being stolen earlier in the year. I decided I needed a latte to calm down and carried the bike up the steps into the indoor mall, I parked across the way from a cafe open to the mall and a few minutes later a security guard walked by the bike looking at it,  looked round,  walked back to it and tried to wheel it away. when I said it was mine he said it wasn't allowed in the mall.  I wasn't convinced he was completely honest. Later in the day I bought an Australian sim card,  it ended up taking over an hour to set up in the shop because I wasn't Australian.  A very frustrating day!

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