Friday 4 November 2016

Continuing not on the Munda Biddi Trail

I carried on into the Perth Hills relying on Google for the cycle route, usually quite useful at picking up bike paths I might otherwise miss.  In this instance all went well until the serious hill started, plodded my way up for  a steep mile which led to a dead end to the road and continued on a track. I needed to haul the bike over some rocks in the way (should have been a hint) to get to the trail. It looked good and started off optimistically.  I was slightly concerned by the forest fire but didn't have far to go.
However after about half a kilometre it changed into a steep,  narrow and rocky  trail only suitable for mountain bikes. So I turned round,  back up the trail, hauled the bike back over the rocks and back down the hard won hill.  The road route was a steep 2 miles uphill, so happy to finally arrive. Had a further day cycling locally  and came across this bicycle servicing post in the local town. The next day was a return to Perth and flight to Adelaide

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