Monday 13 June 2016

Racing and Riding

Catching up as Google has provided me with some technical difficulties. Now already 3 days ago we chatted to an American family who had hired a large cruiser and were going through a lock. We several times passed and repassed them trying to claim we were faster. We saw them again the next day when we were having lunch and waved goodbye as they were going back.
Ling says this was a good day as we didn't get lost. We arrived in Agen and I fancied a glass of wine while Ling did the shopping but I was thwarted as the shop was too far away.
Outside the supermarket we were going to lock the bikes and both go in but without saying anything to each other we decided one of us should wait with the bikes.  The reason being there was a very scruffy bloke who may have been under the influence of alcohol or possibly other substances and looked as though he might take anything he could get off our bikes.
The day ended at a budget motel cooking dinner on a picnic bench.
The next day we headed for Auvillar where Ling had stayed while walking. It was a lovely ride but it is an old hill top town so the last part was a hard push uphill.
We decided as the weather was going to be horrible and the gite was very nice we would have a rest day.

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