Wednesday 8 June 2016

Bordeaux and beyond

We got up in good time and sorted our bags out. The previous day I had noticed that the front mudguard was rubbing on the wheel and thought it just needed a little tweak but no matter what I did to it I couldn't make any difference, so in an act of frustration I took it off and it is now strapped to the rack bag. Ling was feeling the effect of my frustration and general morning grumpyness and set off before me to wait at the bridge at the start. I think she had a long wait as I did my usual city thing and went in the wrong direction.
Once we got started the cycle trail was as good as promised, traffic free and a good surface. We then had a stop when we came across a very elderly man who had come off his bike and hit his head and elbow badly. Previously I had dissed Ling's first aid kit containg a triangular bandage which nobody ever uses but it came to the fore getting wrapped around his head. It was later retrieved bloodied and sweaty after the ambulance arrived.
The route continued to be pleasant and easy to follow but it was exceptionally hot. We decided on a short day and went to a lovely campsite after only 24km as the next one would have been a bit of a stretch.
We splashed out a massive 6 euros for our evening meal -really must try and cut back tomorrow.

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